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Natural Edge Timber Slabs Are Gaining Popularity


Raw edge timber slabs or as some call them Natural edge timber slabs in Brisbane, especially Red Gum, hardwood timber slabs are now very popular for remodeling, outdoor furniture or for new homes.

Natural Edge Timber Slabs In BrisbaneAnd the same natural edge timber slabs are also very popular around outdoor fire pits and BBQ areas.

Funny how we have come around in a full circle and are now back to natural edge timber slabs for many of our building needs.

When I first started in the building and construction industry back in the 1970’s I recall the building trend then was to replace the old post war wooden silky oak benches with bright and multi coloured sheets of Formica.

The old natural edge timber slabs used for Kitchen benches and tabletops and even bar tops were ripped out and then generally replaced with bench-tops made of chipboard and the edges were then laminated and carefully planned for a very precise finish with glued strips on the edges.

Some even had aluminum edges.

Bathroom and shower walls were also lined with sheets of Formica wall board as well and joined vertically with anodized aluminum joiner.

The sheets came in all ranges of colour and patterns!

Then in the 1980’s and 90’s Formica gradually gave way to stainless steel bench tops. With a very stark but clean look.

Stainless has always been expensive and often scratched easily.
And unlike timber slabs that can easily be sanded and re-stained or oiled, these scratches stayed there permanently.

Ceramic tiles, became popular in the 80’s and 90’s. And more expensive marble tops and concrete bench tops really took off in the first decade of this century.

Engineered stone bench tops are fashionable but lately there has been quite a risk factor develop with workers health according to Queensland Workplace Health and Safety:

“This alert is to highlight the significant health risks caused by exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) for workers in engineered stone bench top manufacturing, finishing and installation industries.

Workers may be exposed to crystalline silica while cutting, grinding, sanding and polishing stone bench tops and during the installation process.”

Generally, exposure to RCS occurs during manufacture of the stone bench top rather than during installation due to less cuts and fabrication taking place.

Now the trend has come a full circle and natural edge Timber Slabs have exploded back into fashion.

Natural Edge Timber Slabs Are Gaining Popularity In BrisbaneThis time around the emphasis is on a more natural look with live edges timber slabs featuring strongly.

A live edge just means the natural bark and sap of the tree has been wired brushed and cleaned off the timber slab to leave the natural ragged edge as opposed to a machine cut straight edge. Others refer to them as raw edge timber slabs or natural edge timber slabs.

Bathrooms are still mainly done in ceramic tiles that imitate natural wood and the bathroom and laundry bench tops are more than ever being made from red gum timber slabs or similar.

Spotted or Blue gum or Blackbutt make great timber slabs but red gum is hard to beat for an overall look…

Often a square of miniature ceramic tiles can be set into the bench top for hot items to be placed on and thus save the surface from a burn mark.

Timber slabs once finished in stain of your choice or oiled still need a protective spot to place hot things on but can be as simple as sitting an unobtrusive piece of timber or steel square by the stove elements.

Danish Oil is one fabulous way to finish the timber slab with the first coat really soaking up the oil it is best to then give a light sand with maybe 400 grit and add 3 more coats of oil.

I have asked a number of well-known property agents what is the most appealing bench top or outdoor table for resale purposes and all have replied without hesitation, saying natural edge timber slabs win every-time!

Plenty of variety of timber slabs ready for your final touch. Call David on 07 33768188 Now!

We currently have 3 beautifully matched timber slabs from the same tree that have been air-dried for 12 years.

Two are over 2.7 m long and 1200 mm wide and the other is a whopping 6m long by 1.2m wide. Perfect for outdoor timber slab table or boardroom table or even a wine bar!

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