If you’re looking for select grade, kiln dried decking to give your outdoor areas a professional finish then talk to us about our reeded and smooth products to suit a range of applications.

  • 90 x 19mm, random length (Kwila/Merbau, Pacific Jarrah, Ironbark/ Spotted gum.
  • 70 x 19mm, random length (Kwila,)
  • 140 x 19mm, random length (Kwila, Australian Mixed Species)
  • Treated Pine Decking 90 x 22mm (ACQ Treated – Safe for children & animals)
  • Composite Decking Materials:- Supply On Order

Balustrade & Screening Products

  • Pine 19x (42, 63)mm
  • Hardwood Dowel 25mm
  • Hardwood Kwila 19x (42, 70)mm – random lengths
  • Stainless Steel Wire + Fittings
  • Hydraulic Crimping Press for Stainless Steel Wiring
  • Lattice available on request

AAA Timber provides balustrade rails for decks brisbaneStainless steel wire is used as a balustrade around decks, balconies and verandas. With our balustrade system the customer gets a clean uncluttered look which is essentially just wire and lag screws. No turnbuckles, eyelets, or other fastening and tightening fixtures are needed. This means that our system not only looks better but it is cheaper to buy and easier to assemble. The result is an open look that preserves views. It is much cheaper than glass or Perspex alternatives.

The wire we supply is Stainless Steel 316 marine grade which will not rust. The wire is rigid and there will be minimal stretching over the life of the balustrade. We have a hydraulic crimping device that crimps the wire to the lag screw. This is hired out on a daily basis for do it yourself projects.